How Happy Are You?

Happiness Is Your Purpose!

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence!
- Aristotle

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Why Spiritual Coaching?

-SC is for people looking beyond the limited scope of social and behavioral sciences for solutions on how to live life in greater peace, joy and harmony!
-SC views humans primarily as spiritual beings in physical bodies and deeply incorporates such beliefs in its practice.
-SC helps clients remove their blocks to experiencing more of their inner happiness and wholeness!
-SC embodies the belief that greater inner peace and happiness positively impacts one's whole being and life circumstances!
-SC is a client led relationship aimed at greater personal happiness and transformation through greater self knowledge, awareness and acceptance.

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Happiness is Your Nature!

Society has conditioned us to think that happiness is always on the horizon or a destination to be reached!

Genuine Happiness comes from within and is only available in each present moment!

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