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How Happy Are You?

Happiness Is Your Purpose

Happiness has often gotten a bad rap, being criticized as superficial or even selfish. The truth is that a deep rooted happiness is foundational for healthy relationships, life satisfaction and personal well-being. Aristotle said that Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

Invite more happiness into your life!!

• Love yourself and others more fully!

• Feel more confident!

• Be more positive!

• Attract more quality people in your life!

• Enjoy more out of life!

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Why Coaching?

Psychological studies have shown how easy it is to imitate the thoughts and behaviors modeled to us by our families during our childhood. More and more, I continually realize that in whatever roles we play: spouse, parent, boss, employee, leader and follower that most are simply doing their best with what they know and understand. Coaching is a highly integrative process aimed at greater personal achievement and transformation through greater self-knowledge, insight, awareness and acceptance.

• Increase self-awareness and acceptance!

• Embody greater self-acceptance and compassion

• Recognize (and change!) your limiting beliefs

• Overcome negative self-talk

• Develop a lifelong habit of personal growth and transformation

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Happiness is Your Nature!

Society has conditioned us to think that happiness is to be sought after. Whether the perfect job, amazing relationship, big house or sports car happiness is often seen as being external to us. But, I fervently believe that authentic happiness is found in our Being.

• Find greater happiness within yourself!

• Be less reliant on things and people for your happiness!

• Remove your blocks to greater joy and happiness!

• Learn methods proven to increase happiness!

• Learn to let go of past hurts and move forward with life!

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