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  • 66% of US adults (80% over age 25) are now considered overweight with 35% being obese!
  • An estimated $147 Billion spent on obesity related health care issues in 2008!
  • Heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some forms of cancer are all considered obesity related (and preventable!) diseases!
  • A 2013 Harris Poll found only 33% of Americans considers themselves to be very happy!

Paradoxically, for all the increased health, mental and fitness professionals, videos, classes, products and programs statistics still show America is continuing to become more unhappy and thus more unhealthy.

Through my own personal journey, struggles and victories, my greatest passion, sense of urgency and calling has been to inspire lives of greater health and greater happiness!

Be sure to check out my blog below for practical information on exercise tips, whole food nutrition, recipes and overall personal well being.  For those looking for a little extra push or help to transform their health and lives, I urge you to read more about my coaching. The time for greater health and happiness is now!

(Source: Centers of Disease Control)


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